Residential and Commercial New Retaining Wall Builds

We specialize in retaining walls that actually work to solve the issue(s) you are facing. By offering a variety of materials, colors, and styles we are able to meet each unique situation to ensure function and visual appeal. At Ground Creations LLC, Eddie will come on site to talk with you about your needs. He will access the needs and bring his engineering team, if necessary. When you receive your estimate, you will be educated as to why we are making the recommendations. Once production starts, it will be the Ground Creations LLC team that takes care of you from the retaining wall design to the needed grading and surface readiness to the professional retaining wall insulation. Eddie Johnson, owner, will be on site to be sure the work delivered from the first dirt movement to the finished product is implemented as agreed. We use the best type of material for the job to ensure our retaining walls will fulfill their functions whether we are controlling the movement of soil, water, or to provide a foundation for building. Experienced in both above ground and in the water retaining walls, we bring our experience to your job. It is important to us that at the end of the project, you have a long term functional retaining wall that looks good. Our projects rage from residential to commercial work. Considering a retaining wall or not sure what you need? Please call 513-218-3597 or fill out the form to the right.

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Residential and Commercial Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls have to do a lot of work and over time and can need repair. If your retaining wall is not holding up to the movement of soil, water, or foundational needs, our team can help. We will come in to access the overall wall safety and functionality. If a repair is in order, we can repair retaining walls of most any surfaces. If you have existing modular block failing, we have capability to take it down, access why it failed, and rebuild with quality with or without engineering.